Machining Centre

Synerper Corp Ltd.

As a brief introduction of our company, we are one of the leading companies in Hong Kong engaged in supplying precision machined parts and machinery assembly. Our products manufactured in China & exported mainly to US & European markets. Many precision machines are servicing, including CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC grinder, stamping machine(max 160Ton), electrical discharge machining (EDM), injection molding (35 / 80 / 120Ton), ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cleaning, coordinate measuring machine(CMM), 2.5D profile projector, different testing equipments and various kinds of surface treatments. The equipment provide us the capability to work with a wide range of sizes and various types of materials and surface treatments

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding of plastics is a state-of-the-art technology that has been in use for many years. When welding thermoplastics, the thermal rise in the bonding area is produced by the absorption of mechanical vibrations, the reflection of the vibrations in the connecting area, and the friction of the surfaces of the parts. The vibrations are introduced vertically. In the contraction area, frictional heat is produced so that material plasticizes locally, forging an insoluble connection between both parts within a very short period of time.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is used widely throughout industry for removing problem contamination from all forms of hard surfaces, such as metals, plastics and ceramics. Its unique properties can be harnessed to clean items of all shapes, sizes and technical complexity, penetrating holes and cavities that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods.

Lathe Machine

Our Multispindle lathes have more than one spindle and automated control (whether via CAMS or CNC). They are production machines specializing in high-volume production. The smaller types are usually called screw machines, while the larger variants are usually called automatic chucking machines. Screw machines usually work from bar stock, while chuckers automatically chuck up individual blanks from a magazine.

Grinding Machine

The grinding machine consists of a power driven grinding wheel spinning at the required speed and a bed with a fixture to guide and hold the work-piece. The grinding head can be controlled to travel across a fixed work piece or the workpiece can be moved whilst the grind head stays in a fixed position, Very fine control of the grinding head or tables position is possible using a vernier calibrated hand wheel, or using the features of NC or CNC controls.


Syneprer spring is using excellent material together with computerized machinery and testing equipment. Factory is already installed latest Japanese spring machines. All these machines produce high precision spring to fulfill customer requirement. In order to satisfy all market in the world, Synerper Spring continues to enhance our production line.

Stamping Machine

The metal production department and pressing shop in the factory have been equipped at max 160Ton pressing machines made in Japan and Taiwan. We adopt the flow production line in our plant to ensure the high quality and efficiency.

Milling Machine

Our CNC milling machines (also called machining centers) are computer controlled vertical mills with the ability to move the spindle vertically along the Z-axis. This extra degree of freedom permits their use in die sinking, engraving applications, and 2.5D surfaces such as relief sculptures. When combined with the use of conical tools or a ball nose cutter, it also significantly improves milling precision without impacting speed, providing a cost-efficient alternative to most flat-surface hand-engraving work.

Injection Molding

Various kinds of injection molding machines from 35Ton to 120Ton are in servicing. Our factory has years of experience in injection molding field. We provide low-cost product without sacrificing quality or excellent service. Our team consists of experienced professional mould designers and engineers. We employ CAD, CAM, CAE etc. In mould design and manufacturing, we also manage our daily operations using ISO standards to ensure quality of our products.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire EDM machining (Electrical Discharge Machining) is an electro thermal production process in which a thin single-strand metal wire in conjunction with de-ionized water (used to conduct electricity) allows the wire to cut through metal by the use of heat from electrical sparks. Due to the inherent properties of the process, wire EDM can easily machine complex parts and precision components out of hard conductive materials. It is possible to cut small odd-shaped angles, detailed contours or cavities in hardened steel as well as exotic metals like titanium, hastelloy, kovar, inconel, and carbide. The EDM Process is commonly used in the Tool and Die industry for mold-making.


Our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) measures the physical geometrical characteristics of our product. This machine may be manually controlled by an operator or it may be computer controlled. Measurements are defined by a probe attached to the third moving axis of this machine. Probes may be mechanical, optical, laser, or white light, among others.

Profile Projector

The specimen is placed on the glass stage. The stage is then illuminated from below and the resulting image is picked up by the microscope objectives and projected to a large built -in projection screen. Since the specimen has underlighting, the fine microscopic details are eliminated and only the details of the contour and profile are seen. A drawing can be affixed to the profile projector's large viewing screen.

Silicon Injection Molding

The Silicon injection molding machine adopt the direct pressure injection, it is stable and efficiency and applicable to any kind of hard material. The injection amount is controlled by the electric potential meter. The machine is capable to mold reclaimed rubber, oil resisting, heat resisting and acid resisting products.

Spraying and Baking

We are adopting environmentally-friendly dry type spraying and baking booths, pump spraying, bridge style baking rooms and shower testers.

Laser Welding

Almost 20 years ago, laser welding was in its infancy and used primarily for exotic applications where no other welding process would be suitable. Today, laser welding is a full-fledged part of the metalworking industry, routinely producing welds for common items such as cigarette lighters, watch springs, motor/transformer lamination, hermetic seals, battery and pacemaker cans and hybrid circuit packages.

Laser Marking

Many manufactured and imported components need branding or marking in the form of logos, serial numbers, product codes or user instructions and warnings. EU compliant components need CE marking and many components need traceability. Using a laser to mark this information gives a permanent, aesthetic and non-damaging solution. Parts can be directly marked and this can be useful where labels must be avoided. Almost all sectors of industry already benefit from laser technology and laser marked components are all around us.

Barrel Plating

Barrel Plating means to put products (after the process of pre-plating) into a barrel, then put the barrel into a plating bath (with plating solution inside). We apply Barrel Plating mainly on small objects.

Rack Plating

Goods(after pre-plating process) will be put on the rack before being put in the plating bath. We apply Rack Plating on small objects or high quality objects. Rack Plating is more expensive but its quality will not subject to a change in number of products.

Aluminum Anodizing

Since its introduction to the world, anodizing has been recognized as a valuable medium for extending the life of aluminum. Anodizing enhances the use of aluminum as a lightweight and attractive manufacturing component. Anodic films are well suited to a variety of coloring methods including absorptive dyeing, both organic and inorganic dyestuffs, and electrolytic coloring.

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