Synerper Group Limited is specializing in designing and supplying a variety of fastener. As our business is based on the principle of "Low Cost, High Quality, Best Service", we focus on supplying various kinds of fastener to cope with computer, electronic and hardware related industrial. We serve and gain our great reputation from our customer from Hong Kong, China, Japan and US.

Products: Metal Domes, Standard Screw, High precision Screw, Turning Part, Nut, PEM and Standoff, Breakstem Rivet, Tubular Rivet and Eyelet, Nylon Fastener, Pin and Spring and Stamping parts.

Metal Domes

Type of Domes: Triangle Domes, Triangle Domes(with legs), Four-Legged Domes(corss-shaped), Round Domes, Round Domes(with dimple), Oblong Domes; Materials: Stainless Steel; Plating: Nickel, Gold & Silver; Size: 3mm to 15mm; Force: 120g to 800g; Contact Bounce: ON and OFF depends on customer requested; Operation Temp Rating: -55 degree C to +115 degree C; Switching Voltage: 0.1 to 50 VDC; Switching Current: 0.005 to 100 ma DC

Standard Screw

Stainless steel screw, brass screw, internal hex screw, high strength screw, brass wood screw, assembly screw, internal hex self-lock screw, self-tapping screw, self-drilling screw, machine screw, electro terminal screw

High Precision Screw

Din Standard Grade A or equivalent high precision screw for specific industrial and application. Adopt various standards, including Din, JIS, ANSI/ASME/IFI and GB with various material. 

Turning Parts

1. 5mm-50mm diameter

2. Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass/Copper, Carbon Steel turning parts in variety of tolerance. 


M0.8-M24 various kinds of nut, including Square Nut, Lock Nut, Hexagon Nut,Cap Nut, Flange Nut... etc. 

PEM and Standoff

Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and AI alloy PEM and standoff.
Supply the general standard quality fasteners stand with PEM products and custom metal fabricated products for a variety of industrial and electronics equipment produced by OEM manufacturers in China. 

Breakstem Rivet

Color-Coated Blind Rivet, Standard Blind Rivet, Sealed Blind Rivet, Large Head Blind Rivet, Multigrip Blind Rivet, Countersunk Head Blind Rivet, Ring-Grooved Blind Rivet, Other Special Blind Rivet. 

Tubular Rivet and Eyelet

Various head styles and dimensions and materials eyelet / tubular rivet. Provide variety of finishing based on customer and application requirements. 

Nylon Fastener 

Nylon snap rivet, plastic blind rivet, nylon screw, nylon nut, nylon washer, screw insulator, nylon on retaining washer, nylon on standard washer, nylon on hex nut, hex nylon on tapped spacer. 

Pin and Spring 

Various kinds of tubular, slotted spring pin and standard spring manufactured by the progressive roll forming technique from flat strips of either high carbon steel or stainless steel, and heat treated to a spring temper, then surface finished, to meet JIS B2808 or ANSI B18.8.2 specifications. 

Stamping Parts

Supply stamping part, drawing part, cold form part, forge part base on customer requirement; all the parts are base on customer sample, drawing and requested precision.

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