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Cable Accessories

Cable Gland

A cable gland is a device that allows the user to pass a cable, wire or tube into an enclosure while providing strain relief and sealing out dust, dirt and liquids. Synerper offers a wide variety of cable glands, from very small (PG7) to very large (M63). Our line of cable glands include plastic and metal varieties with NPT, Metric and PG threading and they are owing waterproof feature by rated IP68 up to 5 bar that can be used permanently under water up to 5 atmospheres. The sealing around the cable is achieved through the sealing grommet. The sealing against the enclosure is achieved through either an O-Ring (all metal glands and PG29 and larger plastic glands), or, through some raised rings on the underside of the hex nut (all plastic glands up to and including PG21).

1. Body: PA 6 (UL 94-V2)
2. Seal: NBR

3. Washer: EPDM
ROHS Compliancy
COLOR: Grey, Black and Others Upon Request


Spiral Wrap

Made from Poly-tetra-fluoroethylene, spiral wrap is a flame retardant (UL 94V2) material that does not emit any toxic or irritating byproducts. It is well suited for use under high temperatures and long term exposure to open flame. It can be used in enclosed environments, and is lightweight and high abrasion resistant. Better performance in compare with Polyethylene. Our PTFE spiral wrap is available in natural milky white.

Properties: The operating temperature up to 500°F (260°C). Highly Abrasion resistance(Better than Nylon and Polyethylene). Highly resistant to chemical, solvents, strong acids, strong alkaline environments. Low moisture absorption (0.05%). Fire Rating at UL 94V2. Suitable for use in robust environment.

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SPSW Series

Made from PA 6 Low Smoke Halogen Free Spiral Wrap

SNSP Series

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Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable End Cap

SHEC Series


The End Cap is adhesive lined to bond with the heat shrink it overlaps. Hot melt adhesive seals and insulates in one step to speed installation. Adhesive lining will prevent moisture penetration, allowing for long term storage of cable. Forms pressure-tight seal on ends of communication and power cables. Shrink ratio of 3:1 insulates a wide range of diameters and irregular shapes. Cross-linked UV resistant material improves chemical and temperature resistance.
Continuous use temperature of up to 110 °C
Shrink temperature of 120-135 °C
Dual wall end cap, with internal wall of hot-melt adhesive provides excellent bonding to plastic and metals.
Capable of sealing the entire surface of a cable or wire

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Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable End Cap with Air Valve

Heat Shrinkable Repair Sleeve


-Repair damaged cable jacket quickly

-Provide sealing, insulation and protection on odd shaped electrical objects



-Abrasion resistant by semi-rigid outer layer

-Corrosion resistand and moisture proof by the adhesive inner layer

-Halogen Free

-RoHS compliant

SRS Series

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1. Body: Nickel-plated Brass

2. Fixture Pack: PA6 (UL 94-V2)

3. Seal: NBR

4. Washer: EPDM
IP Rated Enclosure: IP68

ROHS Compliancy



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Tubing Fitting

SFPU Series - Flexible Tube Union

Material: PA

Specification of thread: Metric & PG

Color: Black

Features: Special design with inner locking buckle making the mouonting and dismounting done by simple plugging or pulling, tools is not necessary. SFPF Series provides waterproof feature.

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SFP Series - Polyamide Flexible Tube

Material: PA

Operating Temperature: -30˚C ~ +100˚C

Direction: Insert the wires and cable into the pipe and fit into flexible joint

SFPF Series - Flexible Pipe Fitting